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allowing students to access your Program or Institution globally.

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In-person, Hybrid and Fully Online

Diversify your programs | Advance Your Teacher & Student Experience | Decrease tuition | Increase revenue 


  • Consulting to optimize Teacher & Student success with Education Technology.

  • Advancements in Education Technology within your Classrooms

  • Implementation of In Person, Hybrid and Online Learning formats 

  • Education Technology Management for Online and Hybrid events

  • For students to engage in a cohort model while choosing between online or in-classroom options


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My name is Natasha Bailleres, M.A., M.Ed. I have worked within higher education since 2012, attending and serving 10 universities. I believe in diversity within education; creating institutions accessible to students worldwide. I partner with Universities increasing their accessibility, advancing student & teacher experiences, and implementing updated cohort models with education technology. I provide services and systems to hold space for things such as Virtual Ceremonies, week long hybrid immersive experiences and virtual/hybrid classrooms. I hold space within online platforms for educators and students to learn & grow together. After working with companies such as NFL and Snapchat, I am certain in my ability to implement technology that will not only increase engagement, accessibility & success within any program but increase revenue while decreasing costs. In creating GoHybrid, I can promise partnerships with a purpose, and will always strive for your desired outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. Contact me today for an initial consultation for services below.


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Amy Chapman, Ph.D.

Director, The Collaborative for Spirituality in Education

Director, Innovating Forward Initiative

Teachers College, Columbia University

"As someone who holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology and educational technology, and who has managed online and hybrid events for a decade, I am well versed and experienced in the work that it takes to intentionally create engaging, meaningful hybrid learning spaces. In over ten years in this field, Natasha is the person I would look to hire myself for this work."

We hired Go Hybrid to run two large, hybrid events for our Master’s level program at Columbia: graduation and our summer Master’s Intensive. Both events are critically important to our students, and both are complex in their requirements. Natasha served as our Technology and Production Manager and worked with us from early on in the planning process to co-design the events to help us translate our vision for the events into a hybrid experience the students would enjoy, appreciate, and remember. At all times, Natasha was thoughtful; she understood our hopes for these experiences and worked creatively to imagine how those hopes could be realized in a hybrid experience. She has an impeccable work ethic, and was fastidious in reaching out to speakers and presenters so that they felt prepared and confident about the technical aspects of their roles. Her communications to speakers were always clear and professional, from initial emails through to her live support during their presentations. Finally, Natasha also created the schedule for these events, in line with our department’s wishes and expectations, and then created beautiful, easy-to-read versions of the schedule for presenters, staff, and students. Her graphic design skills are an excellent addition to her robust set of skills! All of these skills are equally transferable to online-only learning or events, but in my experience, hybrid experiences are much more complex to create and manage, and Natasha excels at working with a team who is divided between online and in-person members.

"..."  In over ten years in this field, Natasha is the person I would look to hire myself for this work. She wants to be a thought partner; is equally comfortable taking the lead and serving as part of a team; has been able to troubleshoot any technical surprise that comes along; and is able to not only create beautiful hybrid learning spaces, but the materials and graphics which go along to support it. I trust her to create meaningful online and hybrid experiences, to communicate with our students and partners, and to carry our ethos throughout.


Jason Reid, M.A. 

Curriculum Support Coordinator

Teachers College, Columbia University

"Natasha’s expertise was integral in helping our team make the transition from solely in-person instruction to hybrid instruction a breeze."

As an administrator in higher education, our team needed additional support shifting our content delivery format from strictly “in-person” instruction to both “online” and “hybrid” instruction during  COVID-19. "...". More specifically, Natasha worked directly with our team members to offer one-on-one support to both our individual core faculty as well as our distinguished guest speakers, all of whom had very diverse technical needs with respect to content delivery. Natasha worked diligently to make sure that each member of our team’s technical needs were met, which allowed them the ability to deliver their course content seamlessly to both in-person and online students. Natasha has worked with our team for three separate major events in our masters program and has delivered outstanding results each time. 

Our students, core faculty members, and guest speakers all appreciate Natasha for her professionalism, warmth, and stellar communication skills. We will not hesitate to continue to consult with Natasha and Go Hybrid for their technical expertise in video teleconferencing, graphic design, and presentation management. 

Jason Reid

Curriculum Support Coordinator @ Teachers College, Columbia University

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Judith Miller, Ph.D.

Teachers College, Columbia University

Dear Colleague,
I am writing for Ms. Natasha Bailleres who was my teaching assistant at Teachers College, Columbia University. She supported our hybrid online class technologically and emotionally as we tried to create an effective course during difficult times. In addition to being a very competent technology expert, she empowered the students with her sensitivity and skills. I can’t think of anyone who could be more effective in creating hybrid, online classes and learning opportunities than Natasha. Thank you.
Sincerely, Judith Miller Ph.D, Teachers College, Columbia University